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  • Data binding provides a way to link views to model data so that view properties update when data changes.
  • Context types for retained state, used during view building, event handling, and drawing.
  • A model for system specific state which can be accessed by any model or view.
  • Events for communicating state change to views and models.
  • A collection of codepoints for built-in icons.
  • Contains types and functions used for loading and manipulating images. This is a re-export of image.
  • Types used for handling input events such as mouse and keyboard.
  • Vizia uses morphorm for layout.
  • Provides types for adapting an application to a particular language or regional peculiarities.
  • Models are used to store application data and can be bound to by views to visually display the data.
  • Methods on views for changing their properties or for adding actions.
  • Resource management for fonts, themes, images, and translations.
  • Styling determines the appearance of a view.
  • Contains types and functions used for custom drawing within views. This is a re-export of femtovg.
  • Views are used to visually present model data and to act as controls which, when interacted with, send events to mutate model data.
  • Built-in views provided by vizia.
  • Window management and system events.



  • Creating a new application creates a root Window and a Context. Views declared within the closure passed to Application::new() are added to the context and rendered into the root window.